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Am i stuck (again) with FW 20181208-1321 ?

Wed Aug 21, 2019 2:49 pm


Am i stuck (again) with FW 20181208-1321 ?

Did someone of you receive the 20181208-1321 and:
- was able to update further?
- is stuck also?

I did read somwhere around:
Update: Blackview have removed ota 20181208 and are now updating to ...
    ... BV6000_Blackview_V01_20170412_20190305-2148

I was stuck already with some 2017 version, flashing the Phone with provided image here.
Receiving Updates after Flashing, including 20181208-1321.

Is there a possibility to remove the last update?
(maybe then receiving new updates again)
- I think not...

Is there a update File which can be used with 20181208-1321 doing "local update"?
(bringing back OTA update)

(I tried to "local update" a file from above mentioned inofficial site, but update is aborted. Either update is broken or ... the file is corrupt)

best regards,

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