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Connected to network , no calls , only internet 3g , no possibility of hard reset

Mon Nov 06, 2017 1:07 am

Hello , weirdest problem's , I bought the phone from a friend of mine , he said it worked when he had it , sent it to me , when arrived first didn't want to start , the blackwiev logo appeared , then it disappeared , and that was all , the screen remain like that , it wouldn't enter the hard reset menu by pressing he buttons ,just started whit the logo and that's it. I opened it thinking it's broke , and having half of the phone with the battery hanging , for curiosity I pressed the power but on and it started normally and booted the android , as happy as I get , I assembled it back , put the sims and surprise , other problem like one sim started but the secondary sim being in roaming used the same network like the first one , and for some unknown reason only one works , despite the phone is 4g and both sims are 4g they do not connect , just only in 3g , as it is in 3g only the internet works on the sim , I cannot make cals , I get the message "mobile network not available" but the internet works , both sim's are working in other phone's , soon actually I have no idea what is wrong , broken or what to do , this message has been whriten from he weird phone holding only half of the phone without the back cover that holds the antenna and what do you know, it works (but online the internet , any ideas or suggestions are very welcome , thanks very much
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Re: Connected to network , no calls , only internet 3g , no possibility of hard reset

Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:30 pm

I fear your hardware is broken on the way while the phone had been sent to you. With that issues it will be not easy to repair.

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