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Multiple Problems with my BV6000

Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:35 pm

I bought my BV6000 last February 2017. Month of May, the volume up button does not work. By the month of July it charges so slow that I have to charge it all day to fully charge. After 2 weeks, it got back to normal but as I charge the phone, it heats up too much. Even when not charging. I feel the heat even when it is in my pocket. Last month (September), my phone started to play blurred videos from any source (facebook, youtube, recorded vid. etc...). This month I cant turn on the wifi. It just keeps on turning off after a few seconds. So I did a factory reset but it didnt solve the problemssss and caused another problem. The signal for the cellular network is not working. It does not read the sim cards installed. I just noticed that every month, a new problem always surfaces. Please I need a solution because my BV6000 is so worthless right now.

Issues with my BV6000
-Volume up does not work
-Charging creates too much heat to the phone
-Even without charging the phone is still hot
-Phone plays blurred or totally green videos from any source (facebook, Youtube, recorded, etc.)
-Can't turn the WIFI ON
-No Signal from cellular networks
-Can't read the sim cards
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Re: Multiple Problems with my BV6000

Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:29 pm

this could be a chain reaction of hardware issues. Contact your seller to exchange the phone.

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