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Problems with TomTop service

Mon Jun 12, 2017 10:51 pm

Long story with TomTop service.

In June 2016 I bought Blackview BV6000 in TomTop online store! Just right for me. In August or September began a problem with battery.
I was sent phone to the service under warranty to a specified address. Over time, when I wrote a few emails, they confirmed to have the package sent back. The package is expected to come to Germany. Then lost the the trail. Soon they began to shirk with various excuses. Now they are offering 100 eur, which I does not agree. This ceremony lasts from November 2016.

I demanded to replace the part or send me a new phone or return 150 EUR!
When something goes wrong, then it shows character. Very bad publicity!

Copy of a chat with TomTop service:

7. March
Hi friend
We have sent it out on 20170225, tracking number is RL906999443CH. Can be tracked on
Hope you will get it soon
Thank you

So....You get the information in which werehouse is the package,
or you just "pulling me by the nose all the time"?
I give you 10 days, otherwise I had to describe the whole story on!!!

15. May
Hi Friend,
Pls advise your Invoice ID so that we can check for you.
Best Regards!

Sorry your phone may return to us
how about we give you 100EUR for that

sorry our best offer is 100EUR

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Re: Problems with TomTop service

Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:04 pm

....and so I agreed to pay me 100 euros and finish this ceremony.

But nothing happened....I've sent mail several times to get me money back.

Can you, as a Blackview firm, press these fraudsters and give me what I paid for.

Do you support such a way of dealing with customers who have bought your product honestly?

After such an experience, never again !!!

I am very disappointed, especially over!!!! :x

Anyone have any suggestions??? :idea:
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Re: Problems with TomTop service

Fri Aug 18, 2017 12:59 pm

How did you pay them? you can try to get your money back over paypal / credit card company / etc if you never received your phone. But I am not sure if it will help, you are very late for that.

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