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A5 tips

Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:56 am

The A5 is a really good phone.
And that is in spite of the appalling level of support from Blackview.
Deliberate ignoring and misreading of the simplest questions. Requests to users to diagnose and fix their own in warranty phones!
Unexplained random ROM releases for poorly defined model variations within a model. Fawlty Towers has nothing on this!
Any way I digress.
1. I noted that the GSM performance of my phone had declined after a years use. I opened the phone and found that the connection
between the main board and the copper antenna on the back panel was poor. There are two faults here the copper strip used for the antenna distorts
readily and does not have solid backing where contact is made. The spring connectors on the main board are poor and just not springy enough.
This can be fixed by bending the board springs up a little.
2. The rear camera is really good for a phone at this price. Sadly Blackview tried to save money by putting a plastic lens cover on the camera.
This is easily scratched and when this happens the camera will fail to focus properly. You can replace the lens cover with a 10mm lens cover IN GLASS easily obtainable from Aliexpress. ... sViewCP=yh

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